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Vaux le Vicomte guided tour

Visit the great castle of Vaux Le Vicomte that inspired Louis XIV th to build his own castle in Versailles.

The château of Vaux le Vicomte is the architectural masterpiece created under Nicolas Fouquet, Louis XIV’s superintendant of finances by three great artists: the talents of the architect Le Vau, the painter and decorator Le Brun and the garden designer Le Nôtre.

Vaux was the tragic setting for the downfall of Fouquet, a faithful minister who paid the price of the imprisonment accused of an embezziement he did not commit, victim of the jealousy of King Louis XIV and also because he went a little too far in bestowing lavish hospitality on this guests.
For a period of ten years under Fouquet’s protection, Vaux was also a haven for leading French artists: writers, poets, painters, and sculptors gave the best of their talents to the glory of Vaux

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  • 4 H
  • Available from March to October